"Laughing Dragon Wing Chun is a special group. Headed by Sifu Dr. John Crescione DC, each and every class offers students a clear window into the depths of Kung Fu technique, philosophy and application. It is a rare combination of attributes that make Sifu Crescione special... Incredible depth of knowledge and understanding of anatomy and physiology, Chinese medicine, Chinese Kung Fu in general and Wing Chun specifically. Emphasis is on the quality of Kung Fu rather than a mad dash to the end of the curriculum. Sifu Crescione is all hands on, is generous with his teachings and an expert at conveying highly complex ideas in ways that suit each student. Laughing Dragon Wing Chun remains an authentic kung fu school in this era of popular commercial schools. "

Sifu Mike Pekor of Tai Chi of Long Island

"What initially drew me in was my first impression of your students at the time. Knowing how long they were with you as such a tight group I felt welcomed instead of the traditional new student punching bag. Everyone's attitude was so awesome and their energy and skill level matched as well.

Class was just insane! I was never at a MA school with a white board that was used for notes and lectures as opposed to writing dumb pictures and boring jokes on it. The level of class intellect was extremely scary for an MA school and I was lost in the beginning talking about Earth, Wind and Fire. I freaking thought you were talking about the 80's disco band and trying to figure out what in God's name they had to do with class and me learning WC.

Then came the all important, kick over the chair 'till your hips fall off and do forms in the mirror and never look right or left because you need to focus on your form and not the dudes throwing each other all over the place laughing, lol. It made me want to work so damn hard to have their skill level so I could join them.

Not to mention that the teaching of Sifu Crescione was by far second to none I have ever experienced !!! He teaches Kung FU at such an amazing level leaving nothing out. All hidden words,nuances and techniques within a move are explained so as not to miss the most valuable lesson of class. I find that my martial intelligence has become far more important than the techniques by far. Having the understanding of what we are doing, proper form and use makes the technique more effective and more valuable in my opinion. I now leave class armed with such a better understanding of what we are doing and therefore I feel that much better of a practitioner then ever.

I am thankful for the friendships made and Sifu Crescione. Although classes may be tough to make with my schedule right now, having the ability to continue training with private lessons is also an invaluable tool I urge all to at least try !

I do believe his school is the total Kung Fu package, offering so much more than any other school out there and all you have to do is shut your mouth and open your mind to find it."

American Combat Karate Black Belt Jay Genzale

"I've trained WC in Flushing with Sifu Henry Moy and tried out WC at Ling Nam Su Lam in Hicksville, and have observed that Sifu Crescione is leaps and bounds the best teacher a student could dream of having. Being exposed to the teachings of such a seasoned veteran who's spent alot of his life travelling the world and earning his place in two of the most influential Wing Chun families' lineages is a priceless treasure.

He hides no secrets, he even teaches you what he thinks you may just only be on the brink of comprehending. He pushes you to challenge yourself, and uncannilly knows that you will succeed. Most importantly, he himself will touch your bridge. He himself will show you first what the energy must feel like. In other schools a sifu will only observe you from a distance and shake their head, or only give you a stealthy nudge to correct you. Here, red envelope secrets are frequently divulged with only our meager monthly tuition. Elsewhere, you'll be at most, very lucky to have caught an innuendo of Wing Chun unless you pay fees to be a "special" student. Most importantly, Sifu Crescione looks at every person that steps into the kwoon not as a dollar sign, but as a friend and as a family member. I'm honored and feel extremely lucky to have found and be accepted into his family 7 years ago."

Amir W.

"For those of you who don't known how Kung Fu schools teach and treat their students, our Sifu doesn't hold anything back. His students are given his knowledge. He doesn't just teach you Wing Chun, he teaches Kung Fu principles and Chinese medicine. You really get a lot of knowledge, not just Wing Chun, but about how to deal with other Kung Fu styles and combat systems. To find someone of his knowledge is extremely rare.

I feel extremely fortunate to have found Sifu Crescione. He is not just my Sifu, but my friend."

Mike C.

"What makes our school tops is the way we are taught. First of all, most Kung Fu teachers don't have the knowledge and the patience that our Sifu has. As we have heard Sifu say many times: "it gets harder & harder to teach". That's because he wants us to do everything right. We are all very lucky for that and should appreciate the time he spends with us to make our kung fu the very best. "