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The No Inch punch?

    It's a Ging thing really .When it was first done in the 60's-totally new and unexpected.And the recipients were just as shocked as they flew backwards from a little flick of the wrist. Or so it seemed. With Youtube,DVD,video and slow motion-the proper mechanics can be analyzed to discover it was a whole body hit! From the floor thru the rear leg, calf,knee, hip rotation up the spine, down the shoulder and into the elbow with the wrist being the end of the body whip. While many would sat you learn that at the dummy level-it is superficially true.But short power ging starts day one with learning chain punching and all the way thru the system in developing short range technique,non telegraphic moves and sudden whole body energy.So the end result of it all is a small explosive hit-not shove-into the focused point of contact.
      The issue is this-why? Because in a fight-where ever the hand lands,that';s where the hit starts from and drives though to finish it. So theoretically,if the hand was in contact already,your bio mechanics should be able to generate force into the opponent-with power-even if there was less then an inch away.

     Things to look for in a correct short power punch-or as it is correctly called-duen ging(short power) or chuen ging(inch power). 1) NO PULLBACK !- WATCH MOST DO IT AND THEY MAY START AT AN INCH OR SO BUT WHEN THEY HIT- YOU CAN SEE THEM PULL BACK THE FIST AND ELBOW AND THEN HIT- 2) Shove vs. Hit-most shove the person back by pushing and over extending their bodies to make them move. A HIT is meant to have speed and snap. And in real life a good hit drops the opponent straight down to the ground-not flying 6 feet backwards. 3) Leg and hip rotation. No horse,no hips,no root,no power rotation,no kung fu! 4) All the joints and movements must flow into 1 smooth line into the point of contact-even the head looking at the target. One piece of the chain being off and you lose power and focus.

    In Wing Chun we say "Sam Dim,Yut Sin"- 3 points, one line. It means the obvious-lining everything up into a focused point. Much like when the Star Wars death star fires it's lasers..
     Please vist our Laughing DragonWingChun  Facebook page for video examples of inch power hitting.
     Pak On !

2017-02-14 21:18:40