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     The Wing Chun Baat Jam Dao, or butterfly swords- are the pinnacle of the system. It is the ultimate as the Wing Chun road ends for many. Not so. While the knives do teach you how to extend your hand and reach,they also give you functional muscle strength in all ranges of motion for your Wing Chun. But what the knives are suppose to be teaching you is the art of finality.One cut,one slash,one stab-DONE! NOT ALL THE DOUBLE BLADE BLOCKING AND SLASHING THAT LOOKS LIKE SOMETHING UN WING CHUN.
    With that last statement, I am referring to Wing Chun laws,mindset and philosophy and not just my opinion. If we have a WHOLE system that says less is more, simultaneous ATTACK with Defense then why would the knives and pole be different. "Well,because"... Can't be, just from a logic standpoint. First logically,you have to know your knife and your form. Is it a stab/ slash knife with a stab/ slash form ? Or do they not agree with regards to weapon and form ? A meat cleaver knife needs a form that is very "choppy".
    Examine both and see what you come up with.Then do the moves you use to breakdown the form make sense from our Wing Chun point of view. If not-then you need to examine something. Is your technique leaving you open,pointing you in the line of fire for a counter attack?Is you position with relation to the opponent and the attacking weapon a safer place for you to be as you apply your technique?
A lot of questions ...

    Pak On !

2017-01-31 13:56:49