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Greetings to all who  visit here.
     Thank you for taking the time to read this. I have been involved with Wing Chun since I was 13. I am a dinosaur now at 57 .I have seen huge things come,go,get better and worse in this art. I have been under the radar so to speak for many years, and just know to a lot of insiders while I have watched-well frankly-sub standard and just wrong-Wing Chun people teach and soapbox all over the internet. With a background in Oriental Medicine,Acupuncture,Exercise Physiology and experience-I hope to really add something to the Wing Chun community as well as the up and coming Wing Chun practitioners. Some blogs will be long, some short, some video as well.Some will be on Wing Chun, some on Dim Mak and some on other arts that will be pertinent to a discussion from a Wing Chun point of view.
     One more thing-I will NEVER say I am right and they are wrong. I will express why I think and do, what we do-from my background and perspective.
                                                                  Dr. John Crescione, DC,DICS
                                           "Within the 4 seas, we are all brothers(and sisters)"

2017-01-23 15:32:29