About Wing Chun Kuen

The Wing Chun system was designed for a smaller, weaker person to beat a bigger, stronger person, thus, it is perfect for women. The system was the only "official" style that Bruce Lee learned in Hong Kong. The system is based on body mechanics, neurology, anatomy and physics. It is a thinking person's art and not just crash-and-smash kickboxing style of martial art. In Wing Chun, fighting is very fast, at a very close range and uses the body, arms and legs simultaneously to control, hit and off-balance the opponent, giving them no chance of survival, let alone victory.

About Sifu Dr. John Crescione

Dr. John (his name in Chinese means laughing/smiling dragon) has been doing Wing Chun since he was 13. He has a background in many different versions of Kung Fu, some being: Tai Chi, Hung Kuen, Chi Gung (breath/energy work), Seven Star Praying Mantis, PaKua and different versions of Karate, Kali, and some Judo and Western boxing. He has been to both Hong Kong and China to train. Dr. John always felt that as a complete martial artist, you should be able to heal, as well as destroy.

Dr. John is also a board member of the International Wing Chun Kung Fu Federation, an organization designed to bring unity and brotherhood to all the different Wing Chun "families."

Sifu John Crescione

Teaching Philosopy

It's your Kung Fu, if you want it to be good,it will. If you want it to be so-so, it will. I can't make you good, you have to. You have to want it bad enough. Do you want it bad enough? My job is to teach you how you be good. Hard Work, Old School Tradition wrapped up in 20th century anatomy, physiology and neurology explained in English for the common student. The whole system is taught including chi kung, weapons and dim mak in a relaxed and fun environment. There will be some aches and pains, hard work,mental challenges and a deeper amount of what it means to know real "Kung Fu".